Monday, July 18, 2011

199/365: More vacation!

Another shot from my family's vacation to Boyne City -- this time with water toys!! Hey, we can't lie around in the hammock all week, right?

The blue and yellow tube near the top of the picture is something we found on the cottage's porch, left behind by another group because it had a hole. However, it wasn't enough hole to prevent my cousins and brother from blowing it up and spending the afternoon floating on it--they attached it to another floating island and an inflatable kayak and christened the entire thing the "Beer Island Nation". I think the name speaks for itself... :D

Boyne City, MI



  1. Gees, ain't they never heard of waterproof tape?
    So when is Beer Island Nation going to become a member of the UN? :D

    Sounds like you all had a rocking vacation.

    Love the picture.


  2. I also love the photo. It would be awesome to float about in a Beer Nation. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the time so much.


  3. Ooooo fun fun fun!!! This looks so inviting,.... now where did my summer go?