Thursday, July 28, 2011

209/365 Market Day

Thursday is Market Day in my town/suburb. I like to stroll over the market and usually end up buying something I hadn't planned to get/don't need.

These days, there are a lot of cheap clothes and accessories dealers - I don't mind a few, some of them have nice stuff, but it looks like they are slowly driving out the small, interesting food stalls. (This is not only their doing, of course - there's a board that decides who gets to rent the spaces and they tend to be more interested in the big, sprawling clothes least that's what a guy with a one-sq-metre honey-products stall told me once.)
In the photo, there's one of the big veggie stalls, and the only crafts stall (selling yarns and hand-made clothes) in the background.)

Anyway, I went there today and took a few photos. Nothing came out really great, I'm afraid (mostly because I'm too shy to take the time to think about the photo as I fear people won't like it if they notice there's a camera pointed at them), but I thought the accidental composition of this one had some interest. :)


  1. I like it when a simple shot comes out looking great.
    Lots of colors and different shapes the combo makes for an interesting picture.
    Good job, Hobby.


  2. Hobby, I love the idea of an open air market with all sort of stalls and vendors. Seems like it would be fun to go to.

    Great photo.