Friday, July 22, 2011

203/365: Art Fair!

This week is the annual Ann Arbor art fair; actually, it's made up of 4 different art fairs in different parts of the town, all running at the same time. They have all sorts of art in different media, as well as food and music. Awesome for art enthusiasts, not so much for traffic, as whole portions of the town are blocked off. As luck would have it, this year's fair is taking place during the hottest week of the summer--I went yesterday armed with sunscreen and water bottles, took periodic AC breaks, and tried to go in as many shady tents as possible, and I still melted!

Ann Arbor, MI



  1. I love craft and art faires but never seem to get to any in our area cause I am always working. I hope that someday soon, maybe in a year or two I can work just part time and get to go to some of those things. :D


  2. I too love a great arts and crafts fair. The first picture has some cool stuff....too bad it was so hot for you that day!!

    :D Enjoyed your art fair through your photos.


  3. Ooh, lots of pottery stalls in the first picture - my sweetheart would probably have spent a small fortune there. :D
    Jealous of your fine summer weather. :D