Wednesday, July 27, 2011

208/365: Prezzie for me

Didn't plan on it, but....

Where I work we sometimes do "trade" accounts for new system sales.  One of those accounts is like an upscale pawn shop called "All that Glitters".  They have electronics, jewelry and other stuff.  For years my brother has been asking me to get something from there and I never have until now.  

When the tech was out last week, he called and said they had just taken in a new Nook (it is an e-book reader for those who don't know, similar to Kindle) and would I want it and so I did.  I found out that it does much more than just downloads books.  I can watch movies, videos, listen to music, surf the web, check my email, play games and of course read books.
Because it is Wi-Fi, I can do this from the couch.  I didn't even know that I had Wi-Fi at my apartment, but I do and I also learned that my laptop is Wi-Fi capable, so now I can use that from any where in the apartment.

I haven't downloaded any books yet.  There are thousands of free books and I have an account at Barnes and Noble to get any title that I want, but I still love my actual hard copy books.  I think this will come in handy on trips and such.  Anyway wanted to share it with you folks.


  1. Cool prezzie, Jules.
    Though I don't think I'd ever want to replace a book I can hold in my hands, these things would do good on a vacation.
    Not bad for a freebe.


  2. Very cool but then I agree with Calma, I tend to love the smell of the books I am reading as well as the feel of the pages in my hands.

    It is a cool option for traveling, I must admit!! Congratulations on the new Prezzie!!!


  3. I could never ever give up my books, they are treasures to me. I have been collecting my library since I was 15 and still have books that I started with, some replaced with newer or vintage versions. I doubt I will ever stop having the real deal. But for travel this will be nice. :D