Tuesday, July 19, 2011

200/365 Wildlife!

I have two photos today for my wildlife theme…
The first was taking during an early morning run.  As I trotted along I heard some robins chirping and squawking up a storm, and it usually means there’s a predator nearby.  That’s when I spotted this fellow (erm…okay maybe it’s a female…no way of telling) up on the power lines.  I stood right underneath him but he seemed unperturbed.  Using my handy-dandy x10 optical zoom, I got a decent picture even in the bad light.  Most likely it is a red-tailed hawk, since they are pretty numerous around here.  You can’t see the red-tailness easily unless they are in flight.

The second photo was taken a few days later during the high heat and humidity of the late afternoon.  I have been diligently watering my potted plants, and I guess this fellow (ok…..so maybe it’s female again!!) found the dampness to its liking.  As I stepped on the front porch I was surprised to spot a toad resting in one of the pots!  I misted him/her down with the hose a bit.  Later, after it was dark, he/she had disappeared off into the shrubbery.  I plan on making a toad abode out of one of my old clay pots so he/she has a nice place to rest during these hot months.

~Tooks in steamy Florida...I mean PA!


  1. I dig both photos, Tooks. That toad almost looks fake. He/she blends in so well. And he/she picked a small pot to hang in. Must have been cool or something.

    The hawk is beautiful. We have them around here, but not that variety.

    Great photos!!


  2. Love the photos, Tooks.
    Especially the Flacon.
    No disrepect to the toad, btw.
    Just like the Falcon's 'pose' better.


  3. Love seeing the wildlife in your area. Wow!! That is some toad hon!!!

    What an awesome idea to make a Toad Abode for an escape from the heat of the hot summer days.. Good luck with it hon!


  4. Ha a Toad Abode! i only have 2 here, but when i was in florida i was inundated with em! I think i brought some back to tx with me, who lied dormant, in the plant pots too! Great Shot!

  5. Wow, fantastic shots, Tooks!