Wednesday, July 27, 2011

209/365 Window to My World

Our neighbors have a very old barn.
They allow us to use one of the old horse stantions for storing lawn tools & wood. 
When I was out in the barn the other day I thought the view from this old window into our yard would make for an interesting photograph.  I cannot actually see this view as I had to raise the camera 
above my head to take the photo.
I have no idea how many years the glass has been broken, but the neighbor has left the glass out so that the swallows can come in & build nests in the barn. 
You can see one piece of wooden window pane hanging down.


  1. Great picture, Rose.
    I really like the perspective.


  2. Excellent photograph this week!! Love it. Something beautiful to see from something that is old. I like it very much.


  3. Ooh, that's a fabulous shot!